Dr. Arvis Murrell

God wants to take your pain under his wings and nurse you back to divine health and wholeness.


If you are struggling with a hurting heart, this book is for you!

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Meet Arvis

A native Mississippian, Dr. Arvis Murrell is passionate about providing encouragement, strength, and comfort to shattered lives. She understands life’s struggles and loves to share her story of how God transformed her from brokenness to a life of wholeness.

She has served people in the mid-South for more than twenty-five years as a registered nurse displaying empathy and compassion. Her most recent nursing experience involves caring for those with cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Arvis is also a Christian counselor who has helped thousands heal emotionally, particularly when dealing with death and divorce.

As a child, Arvis loved to read, sing, and play outdoors. She is married to Carl Murrell, Sr. and they live in Cordova, Tennessee. Together they enjoyed traveling and spending time with their blended family of six children.

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About The Book

Do you feel like your past follows you around? Maybe you had a painful childhood or experienced trauma later in life. You clearly see how your past holds you back, but you just can’t seem to let go of it.

Dr. Arvis Murrell understands your situation as she was once bound by a painful past. With a caring and compassionate heart, Arvis uses solid biblical principles and real-life experiences to help guide and lead you safely out of bondage.

This book was especially written for those who have been victimized spiritually, physically, or emotionally. This powerful message will bring comfort, encouragement, healing, and restoration to those who hurt and think life has nothing better to offer.

If your painful past is holding you back, It Doesn’t Hurt Anymore will shed light on deeply rooted scars. Start anew today. Be relieved from the pain, break free from the shadows, and move forward to reclaim the life God has chosen for you.

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